The Global RMHC Network

The Reno Ronald McDonald House is part of a global system, one of 363 Ronald McDonald Houses around the world. Ronald McDonald House Charities chapters are in 42 countries and regions and serve more than 7 million children worldwide every year. At least one RMHC core program provides care for families being served at 89% of top children’s hospitals worldwide. Families served by the charity have been saved a total of $700 million in out-of-pocket expenses.


While Houses are part of the global system, each Ronald McDonald House is autonomous and owned by a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the city in which it is located. While “Ronald McDonald” is in the title, the Reno House is not fully underwritten by the restaurants. No one company could fund a global charity by itself. Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Nevada supports families in northern Nevada and northern California, making local support from the community crucial to its ability to function. We depend on our volunteers and the donations of individuals, businesses, foundations, and other estimable partners in the community to ensure the success of our programs and the fulfillment of our mission. We rely on the generosity of the private sector as we are not a corporate foundation and we do not receive government funding

The First House

The first Ronald McDonald House opened in 1974 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kim Hill, the daughter of Philadelphia Eagles football player Fred Hill, was undergoing leukemia treatment. Fred recognized the need for a supportive environment near the hospital for families of seriously ill children enduring long treatments and enlisted the aid of Dr. Audrey Evans, Jim Murray, the Eagles’ then-general manager, his teammates, Ed Rensi, the McDonald’s regional manager, and local McDonald’s restaurant owners. The group raised funds to purchase and renovate the first Ronald McDonald House. Since then, the organization has grown into a global charity, helping keep families close during critical times.

Our Relationship with McDonald’s

RMHC® Mission Partner Since 1974

Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Nevada is an autonomous non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation located in Reno, Nevada. While McDonald’s is an incredibly supportive founding mission partner, the Reno House is tasked with raising the majority of its funding each year from local donors as no single company could support us alone. Still, few community partners have been as integral to our work of keeping families close as McDonald’s. Northern Nevada owner/operators have helped us provide for our families since we opened our doors and continue to raise money for us in their restaurants.

McDonald’s lends their collective advertising dollars, restaurant packaging and the hospitality of their team members to create customer awareness and support for RMHC. Globally, McDonald’s is the largest corporate donor contributing to Ronald McDonald Houses, lending their worldwide presence to bring awareness through in-restaurant fundraisers and extending the wealth of their business network to their charity partners.

McDonald’s involvement extends beyond monetary support:

  • Franchises partner with the Reno Ronald McDonald House to help us promote events and maximize our fundraising potential.
  • McDonald’s employees are dedicated volunteers.
  • Owner/operators serve on both Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Nevada board of trustees as well as global RMHC boards and advisory councils.
  • Donation Boxes hosted in restaurants are one of the largest sources of ongoing RMHC fundraising.

Round-Up for RMHC
Spare change from customers who round up their purchase to the nearest whole dollar at McDonald’s restaurants throughout northern Nevada comes directly to Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Nevada.

Donation Boxes
Money deposited in the donation boxes at McDonald’s restaurants throughout northern Nevada comes directly to Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Nevada.

Happy Meals
A penny from every happy meal sold in northern Nevada McDonald’s restaurants comes to Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Nevada.

Every November, McDonald’s hosts the “Give-A-Hand” fundraiser, asking patrons to donate $1, $3, or $5 to Ronald McDonald House Charities around