Help us spread our mission by sharing the love – #30RENORMHC

Now that we’ve reached 30 years of service in northern Nevada, it’s time for us to begin observing our 30th Anniversary Celebration Year!

Please help us kick off this year of celebration during the month of love by sharing a unique and vibrant video of congratulations to the House for reaching its 30th anniversary. Help us spread our mission by sharing the love! Click here for a front-to-back set of instructions with a hashtag message you can use for your video shout-out. Truly, 30 years of service made possible by you is worth celebrating!

All through February we will share your videos on our social media channels in an effort to endear more supporters to the cause, so keep them coming! We will compile all of the videos we receive and showcase at our Gala on Friday, October 6, and on social media in the days after.

We also ask that you share your videos on your own social media channels to partake in the celebration. The more awareness we build in the community, the easier it is for us to react to the many changes the future holds for our House. Be sure follow us closely on Facebook this year as we continue to celebrate our 30th Anniversary Celebration Year with multiple special observances.

From dinners prepared in our kitchen to donations ranging from one penny to $1,000 to sharing our posts on Facebook to offering a media platform to help us tell stories… you, the esteemed citizens of this northern Nevada community have helped us become a home-away-from-home for the families who need it most. We look forward to seeing your clever videos!