Travel for Treatment

Helping families in need

Not All Treatment Happens In Reno

The Travel-for-Treatment Program provides parents with travel assistance when a child’s medical treatment is not available locally. We want to help children from northern Nevada get to the medical treatment they need and ensure their family is with them during that journey. On average, a Travel-for-Treatment family has to travel 255 miles for their child’s medical care. When a family cannot afford the trips, we offer gas vouchers and plane tickets (as available).

If you need to leave the northern Nevada region to get to your child’s medical treatment and could use financial assistance, please download and fill out the application below. Email the completed application to or fax it to 775-322-8670.

Certain restrictions may apply. Call (775) 322-4663 for further details.

We can always use donated gas cards for the Travel For Treatment program!

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    All volunteers will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and complete a background check