Two photos of a young teenage girl with a jar of change

Small Change Makes a Big Difference

After spending a few hours volunteering at RMHCNN in the fall with her mom, Keddie, Morgan was inspired to do more.

“Mom told me we were going to a house you could stay in with your family when your babies were sick at the hospital,” she said. “I really liked the House a lot and the great big Mickey Mouse in the kid’s room.”

Morgan wanted to do more to help our Guest Families, so the Reno fourth grader walked into her family’s kitchen, grabbed a jar and started her own fundraiser!

It started with contributions from her piggy bank, the family coin jar and her grandparents, but it didn’t stop there. Morgan also went around the block talking to neighborhood kids about RMHCNN and collected even more.

Morgan, thank you so much for your donation and for thinking of us! You are helping us keep families close!