Spring into Ways to Help RMHC

Spring starts today! The weather will start to warm up, flowers will start to bloom and spring cleaning will ensue. This season has the ability to refresh and get back to what’s important.

If volunteering is something you find important, you can spring into a couple of ways to help the families at the Reno Ronald McDonald House.

  1. Are you someone who gets joy from watching people enjoy your home-cooked meals? Join us at the House by participating in our Chef Program. The last thing our families want to worry about after a long day of treatments or hospital visits is cooking dinner. By volunteering to be a part of our Chef Program, you can ensure our families come home to an aromatic, home-cooked meal.
  2. Do you want to be a hands-on volunteer? You can become a volunteer at our Family Room in Renown where families are able to take a step back from the hospital room to get a quick bite or a cup of coffee. Want to get your friends involved? Organize a pantry drive to help stock our kitchen with yummy treats for a group project that means plenty to our guests.
  3. If you do not have the time or ability to volunteer, join the Power of $10! We sometimes spend $10 without thinking about the impact that it can have, but a $10 donation can host a family for a night in the House. You are able to make a monthly donation to help support a family to relieve some of their financial worries to focus on their child getting better.
  4. Follow us on Facebook to learn about our #WishListWednesday requests. Our House functions just like yours and often we find ourselves running out of the items that keep our house a home. Each Wednesday we’ll ask our Facebook followers for specific items, like Lysol wipes, ground coffee, pillowcases, apples, or more, to help ensure we have what we need to make our families as comfortable as possible.

Spring is the perfect time to start new habits and what better way than volunteering? Click here if you are ready to spring into ways to help RMHC.