A Valentine’s gift all year: the Power of $10

The Hamilton famly gave us one of the most touching Valentine’s gifts we’ve received in several years. Liz and Liam Hamilton have been familiar faces around the house for the past eight months, staying with us while 8-year-old Destiny went through treatment for several months. We’re delighted to announce Destiny was given clearance to head  with her family to their Las Vegas home last week, but before driving away they showed their RMHC gratitude with an adorable, hand-made collage. The happiness that is shining through their smiles is exactly what we love to see from every family who finds themselves in need of our services.

“Each month we have come back to more than just a bed. We have come HOME,” said Liz. “The Ronald McDonald House staff has been an incredible support group and family for us. They have cried with us when, for three days straight, there was no way for Liam or I to see [Destiny]. They have laughed and shared our joy when we have taken [her] out and had funny stories to share.”

Liam was so accustomed to the House while he waited that he became an unofficial tour guide for all who had the pleasure of stopping by, cooking for families or dropping off sweet treats.

People love to shower others with gifts in February. This year we’re asking our supporters to consider showing that same love to the Reno Ronald McDonald House all year long by making a recurring gift called the Power of $10. Your gifts will keep families like the Hamiltons close and smiling.

So what is the Power of $10? It’s your chance to offer relief to a family in need once a month by  giving them a place to stay at the Reno Ronald McDonald House. Some people don’t think twice about spending $10. Some may buy a new Popsocket, some may snack a fancy acai bowl and some may get their faces printed on lattes. For our families, $10 means a night close to their hospitalized child.

For Liz, every night she and Liam could be near Destiny was precious, especially since she was shocked they couldn’t find a treatment facility in their hometown.

“I frantically researched options to make it possible for us to be a present part of her treatment and her life,” she said. “We didn’t know how long she would be here, simply that it would be at least 90 days.After finding the Reno Ronald McDonald House , we made a plan. Each month Liam and I drove the 8.5 to 10 hour drive to come stay at the house for eight nights at a time. This allowed us to physically participate in two of her four family therapy sessions each month. It also allowed me to visit with her when she qualified for passes to spend time together as a family out in the community. A couple months those eight nights extended into more when she wasn’t doing well and I didn’t feel like we could leave.”

While we can’t make medicine taste better or make a treatment less stressful, your $10 donation will allow families the chance to be close to their child to make their hospitalization easier. The Hamiltons stayed at our House for a total of 56 nights, an expense that would have only added to the family’s challenges if they’d stayed at a hotel. While we are sad to see the Hamiltons go, we are ecstatic they are leaving together due to the generous donations of House supporters.

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